We are often asked by clients if they should purchase a VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is used a security measure that encrypts the user’s data whilst they navigate their way through the internet. It is true that VPN’s do offer another layer of security for internet users but are they worth the effort to set up and more importantly, are they worth the cost.

Typical prices of VPN available at the time of writing are as follows:

1, Express VPN with a discount, £79.61

 For the year.

Go to Express VPN


Nord VPN logo 

2, NordVPN is the probably the most well known and can be purchased for as little as £34.26 per year as part of a two year plan.

Go to Nord VPN


3, SurfShark has some very competitive prices.

If you sign up for the two year plan it works out at £20.28 per year.

Go to Surf Shark


So how does VPN work?

VPN software encrypts any data before it travels across the internet but it still uses the third party cabling such as BT Internet cables to and from you home. It was originally developed to protect sensitive, corporate, or even governmental data being viewed by hackers or snoopers. If as a private user, you don’t use the internet for anything that you are ashamed of it might not be a massive advantage and even banks use their own two and three level authentication along with utilizing encryption. I suppose the bottom line is if you can afford to spend on average, £40 per year to add the extra layer of anonymity that VPN’s provide then maybe it’s something you should consider.

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