We're often asked for SEO services from our clients and although this is something we can pro-actively help with for larger online businesses it isn't something that should be taken lightly or expect immediate results. For most of our small to medium sized B2B business customers, our advice and SEO ready programming is enough to help them climb the search engine rankings.


The most important things to remember when trying to improve the search engine optimisation of your website is that if your site is slowed down by out of date or badly designed software or software add-ons, this will almost certainly be looked down upon by Google and other search engines. Load speed is king when it comes to SEO and there are lots of free software services online that will provide an accurate idea of how fast your website is at loading various pages. Don't think that because your website loads on a particular device in your home or Local Area Network that it will be the same for other users globally. Your PC or mobile device could be caching the page content which although this will aid loading speed it doesn't give an accurate indication of how other users will find the experience. there is also the issue of Internet Service Providers caching pages more often than they should in an what they say is an attempt to speed up page load times. This can also be a nightmare for webs developers to overcome.


In the early days of SEO it was popular to link to as many other websites as possible in an effort to fool search engines that your website was really popular. However, Google and others have long since become wise to this rather dishonest tactic and nowadays the Google algorithm is so clever that it can easily deduce if your outbound and inbound links have a logical connection to your website and industry sector. Not only that, it is important that sites you link to should have useful content and the site itself should be considered a quality website with modern coding protocols. It is possible that search engines can even downgrade websites because of the company they keep so be careful who you link to.


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